Frequently asked questions:

Will the videos play on my device?

The videos within will stream onto all PCs/Macs/smart phones and tablets. We utilize a “smart” video server, which automatically detects the device you are using and delivers the appropriate format of video for your device. It will also adapt the quality of the video for the speed of your internet connection.

You can also watch videos from on your TV  if you have the right technology. For more information click here.

What topics will the videos cover?

Our aim is to provide you the widest variety of content that is possible in Australia. We have agreements in place to film dozens of local independent conferences and symposia this year. The topics already covered (which do not necessarily predict what will be filmed in future years) include: oncology (general & glioma), rural mental health, sleep disturbances, diabetes, general dermatology, skin cancer, wound management, preventative medicine, burns management, men’s health, ophthalmology, paediatrics, otology, respiratory – COPD, cystic fibrosis, smoking cessation, cardiovascular rehabilitation, chronic diseases, exercise as a treatment, obesity, musculoskeletal conditions, drugs and alcohol, pain, ageing, fertility and eating disorders.  Please refer to our on demand library page for more information.

Can I recommend a conference or symposia for you to film?

Absolutely, please contact us and let us know.

If I sign up for the free membership plan, how long will it be free?

The free membership plan will be free forever.

How much does a premium plan cost?

The price of a premium plan costs either $30 per month on a monthly plan or $340 per year, which is less than $1 per video. Practices can also join for a small annual fee that will provide all General Practitioners and Practice Nurses at your address For more information click here

What is the difference between the free plan and a premium plan?

The free plan will provide you with at least 1 new video per month. The premium subscription will give you immediate access to at least 400 on demand videos, an additional 200 new videos per year and access to our four seasonal virtual conferences each year. In addition RACGP members will be able to earn RACGP Accredited CPD points for selected content within the site if they are premium members.

How do you handle my credit card details?

All our transactions are handled by Pay Pal Australia. We never see your credit card details, nor do we have access to them. More information about Pay Pal can be found here.

I am a doctor that does not reside in Australia. Can I still join?

Yes, instead of supplying your AHPRA number please enter your registration number. If you are not sure which number to include, then please contact us directly.

The video looks grainy, why is that?

Our “smart” video servers, automatically adjust the quality of the video to match your device and internet connection. If you have a slow internet, the video server will deliver you a smaller sized video file so that you can still watch it. The smaller file size may appear as a reduced quality video compared to if you were watching on a high speed connection.

In addition, some conferences in early 2013 were filmed with slightly older technology, these slides are slightly more grainy than conferences we are filming today. We expect that every year, the quality will get better and better.

The video is “stuttering” why is that?

Videos stutter due to buffering issues. These buffer issues are usually due to fluctuations in the speed of your internet connection or browser memory issues. Try closing your internet browser and opening only one tab to view the video. Alternatively try re-opening the video or refreshing the video page. Frustrating as it may seem, sometimes the best solution is to just wait a minute or two until the video “catches up”.

Can I get CPD for watching the videos?

Australian General Practioners may be eligible for points from RACGP and ACRRM under the self directed learning provisions. More information can be found here.

For other health care providers, please contact your professional association directly.

Do you have a question that isn’t here?

Email us at or phone +61 2 9016 7116.