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Overview of fall prevention and evidence-based interventions Professor Lindy Clemson

Medications and falls: Managing medications to prevent falls in older people Professor Sarah Hilmer

Preventing falls from the ground up Foot and ankle interventions to prevent falls in older people Professor Hylton Menz

Exercise Options in Falls Prevention Prof Cathie Sherrington

Falls Prevention – A Case Study Prof Cathie Sherrington, A/Prof Kelly van der Zwan, Prof Rachelle Buchbinder, Prof Chris Maher

Assessing People Who Fall: What Makes a Difference? Dr Troye Wallet GP & Director, Genwise

The University of Sydney and Sydney North Health Network are seeking GP practices to participate in a research trial, led by Prof Lindy Clemson, to identify and better manage falls in older people 65+. For further information on the iSOLVE fall prevention project:

o Contact Amy Tan, project coordinator, on 02 9036 7463 or

o Visit the website

o Watch the following introductory video

The iSOLVE Project