began with a simple idea:

“Australia is a massive country and just because you choose to live in a rural or remote area, it doesn’t mean you should be isolated from the wide variety of medical education opportunities that your metropolitan colleagues take for granted.”

Our wish for this website was to overcome the tyranny of distance and deliver massive amounts of outstanding educational content in a timely manner (sometimes even live) to rural and remote GPs.

We knew the content needed to be enjoyable to “consume” and reward the natural curiosity that educated adult learners bring to their learning experiences.

There is something natural and engaging watching an expert discuss a topic they are passionate about.

In 15 to 30 minutes subject matter experts create an extraordinarily time efficient educational opportunity, combining their years of research and practical experience with the very latest published science.

  • pause, rewind, jump forward.
  • stop and research references from the presenters slides.
  • become involved or choose to be more passive.
  • consume your education at your own pace.

To enlarge this video press the “full screen” button in the lower right corner of the video., exists to deliver a wide variety of content from Australian and international subject matter experts in a format that is easy to consume and engaging to watch. Lectures are delivered directly to your in box regardless of where you live and practice, allowing you to learn from wherever you are.

We hope you enjoy our new website and would love to hear how we can make it even more useful for you.

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